Rapid City Home Buyer Have A Huge Advantage With Client Connect

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Rapid City Home Buyer Get Their Own Homes Website With Client Connect
Welcome to an introduction to our VIP Home Buyer Program and Client Connect website. As a Rapid City Home Buyer get access to this unique notification system that delivers hot new listings to you when they come on the market, giving you a huge advantage in your home search.

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We are shifting into a home sellers market in Rapid City, so it is vital, as a Rapid City home buyer, that you get the information fast and that it is easy to find.

With your Client Connect Website all of the homes can be managed in one place so you don’t have to sort through emails to find the homes you like. All of our VIP Home Buyers get access to this unique tool, so they do not lose out on the perfect home.

Don’t just be a Rapid City home buyer, become one of our VIP Home Buyer’s, get access to your own homes website and a client 100% Satisfaction Guarantee....get started now, click here.

You do not need to leave the website or send us emails, your questions can be answered and showings scheduled without picking up the phone or leaving this site.

From here you can view the listings that match the house criteria that you gave me. Our MLS system will automatically search for listings that match and send them to you through this website. An email will also be sent to you notifying you that new listings have been found and instruct you to click on the link to log in to this Client Connect site.

Login to see your listings. When you mark or “click” on a listing as a favorite, or possible, or write a “comment” on any listing, I will be notified. You will also be notified when new listings come in or when I write a “comment” back to you. If you’re a Rapid City
Home Buyer and you like to keep it simple and like to be the first to get information, become a VIP Home Buyer.…click here now.

Listings will remain on this site for you to view as long as they are still active on the market. Watch for emails from me via Paragon Email Services. Make sure they are not going into your spam folder.

Your username is your email address. You can “bookmark” this site as a favorite and come back to it anytime. If you forget your password, there is a “forgot password” tool that will help you.

Thanks for considering our VIP Home Buyer Program and Client Connect Website. There is a ton of value in this service, but we like to over deliver, so everyone that signs up, gets a free bonus, “The Home Buyers Handbook” (a $17.00 value). So what are you waiting for, your perfect home is out there, but will you get it in time? Become a VIP Home Buyer today.…click here now.

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