I Am The Greatest Short Sale Specialist On The Planet,NOBODY KNOWS It!

Short Sales, I am a “Short Sale Specialist” Who Cares?

Short Sale” is a very common term used in many different media today. A more common occurrence in home sales than any of us would like to admit, but what is a “Short Sale” really.

Something that many of us in the real estate business and mortgage industry forget is that of all the people that hear the term, very few understand what it means. Some have no idea, some think they know, but don’t and others understand a single part but not the entire process. I would even go out on a limb, after being in the real estate business for 24 years and say that at least 50% of real estate agents fall in one of these three categories. Please note that there was no scientific study done to come up with that number, it is only my best guess from observations, daily conversations and experience. If I were a gambler, which I am not, I would bet that it is fairly accurate.

With that said, this article is not about the lack of knowledge of what a short sale is, because most people do not need to know. A detailed overview of the process can be found at https://blackhillshomesales.com/thinking-of-making-an-offer-on-a-short-sale-what-you-need-to-know/. This article is about marketing. Who are we trying to reach and are they getting the message.

Short Sale Specialist, Short Sale Consultant and Short Sale Strategy are phrases that many of us use to market ourselves and our service to try to target sellers in need of this expertise. The problem, if what I have said is true, they are not finding us because they do not know to look for us. For example, I get listing referrals from a friend that deals with bankruptcy and many of these are short sales. Each of these homeowners know that I am coming to talk to them about doing a short sale on their home, but when I ask the question, “do you understand what a short sale is?” the answer is almost always “no”. Which is the motivation behind this article because I consider myself an excellent marketer but it took many “no’s” before the light went off in my head that the people that needed this service the most, do not even know it.

I hope what I am saying is making sense to you, because it is critical in the 21st century that you get inside the head of your customer. Forget about your specialty (YOU) and understand the problem the customer has. In this case they need to sell their home, have no equity and don’t think they can. So what would this person type into Google (these are the actual top searches queries for this topic)

i owe more than my house is worth
what if i owe more than my home is worth
what are my options if i owe more than my house is worth
what can i do if i owe more than my house is worth
i owe more than my home is worth what can i do

I hope that you get the point and that is, all of the people that entered the searches above were looking for a short sale specialist, but they didn’t know it. All they know is they have a problem and they are trying to find the solution. So if you are a “Short Sale Specialist” that’s great, but you need to understand the problem you are solving and what questions the people with that problem are asking. There are many out there with this problem and my wish is that this article helps them find YOU.

An Overview of the Short Sale Process can be found at http://TheHowieTeam.com

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