Ellsworth AFB Military Relocation Rapid City South Dakota

Ellsworth AFB Military Relocation Rapid City South Dakota

military-relocationRelocating to Western South Dakota, whether you are moving to Rapid City, Box Elder, Black Hawk, Piedmont or any other town foreign to you and your family, it may feel like you have left the planet.

There is a good possibility that you do not have a lot of choices when it comes to moving to South Dakota and feel as if you have lost control.

Having moved a dozen times in my life I can say without a doubt, that “I hate moving”.

We understand relocation to Western South Dakota or any other state away from familiar territory is not easy, so the best we can do is make it as pleasant and painless as possible.

How do we accomplish this?

Fear comes from the unknown, so the opposite would be true information is power. We could send you a relocation guide, but from my experience they are designed to sell advertising more than provide really valuable information.

Sure you can find a mover, realtor and coffee shop. You can find homes for sale South Dakota or a Rapid City Rental but what is really important to you?

We will get to know you, provide free valuable information in a timely manner that will save time, money and frustration associated with military relocation.

Ellsworth AFB Military Relocation Rapid City South Dakota

If you are preparing for an “Air Force Relocation”, you already have a job so your priorities include security, communities, neighborhoods, schools, convenience and housing. Not necessarily in that order, depending on where you are in life.

The good news, there is comfort in numbers, you are not alone.

military-relocationEllsworth AFB has a population of approximately 9,000 includes military members, family members and civilian employees. The base’s two sister cities are Box Elder (population of nearly 8,000) and Rapid City (population of just over 67,100). There are also about 3,800 military retirees in western South Dakota.

You will find a variety of options to live, work and play in the Black Hills of South Dakota, either as a member of the Air Force, an employee of a Department of Defense or a defense contractor supporting those commands.

It may not seem so now, but you will come to enjoy living in Western South Dakota. The keys to success is staying active.

Learn the great history of the Black Hills and the many attractions that draw crowds of tourist from around the world year after year.

Ellsworth AFB Military Relocation Rapid City South Dakota

From the highest point (Harney Peak SD) to the Bad Lands and all of the beautiful lakes in between, when it comes to recreation and outdoor activity, you are only limited by your imagination.

Contact us today so that we may better understand how we can help. It is never too early to begin, call now 605.858.0775.

Happy home hunting.

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